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drum mics

Not another drum mic question...

I hate to do this. I have to. I want to mic my drums. So here it goes...
I have a Shure Sm57 as an overhead mic.
I have an Audio-Technica At2020, (Which I'm cleverly using as a bass drum mic.) I might try to use it as an overhead.
And I have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2.
I have the share sm57 as an overhead and I can't get a good sound unless the gain knob on the Scarlett is turned all the way up and then when it is all the way up the rest of the kit sounds like mush.
The Audio-Technica 2020 on the bass drum sounds good.

Drum Overhead Mics Time/Phase Alignment

So for years now, at least since DAWs have given us the ability to move audio files around by infinitesimal amounts within a time line, I've both read and talked to other engineers about time aligning the overhead drum mics to the Snare and Kick...
I know there's also software available that can apparently time align those mics/tracks, although I've never used it.

Drum Mic opinions

Hello, I am looking for recommendations/opinions on drum mics. I currently have two AT2020s for overheads and an SM57 for the snare. I will be buying two MD421s for my toms. (I use a 4 piece drum kit.) I am leaning towards the E602 for the kick, but want to know if there are any other recommendations. The D112 sounds too thin and boxy for me, the D6 is way too hyped and the Beta 52 is too woofy. Thanks for the help in advance!

Recording Drums Mic kit vs. Individual Mics

Hi guys and girls, it's been a while... good to be back. So, after a long recording road I finally have the money to purchase gear to record drums. I'd like to ask you guys, as far as mics go if I can get a couple few sm57's for the toms and snare, use something like a Shure beta 52a for the kick and something samson or mxl that sorta price range for the overheads or, alternately just buy one of them cheap mic kits that come with the clampy thingys that you can clamp on the drums instead of using a bunhc of pedestals. Ok...