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Hey everyone, I recently spent all my money on a MacBook and a Firepod, and I need to wait a bit to get some mics. The only things I have available to me at the moment are 2 SM58s and 2 passive whirlwind DI. Soon I hope to upgrade to RODE NT5s. So far, I've recorded guitar/bass/keys (miked the guitar amp, line out from bass amp, DI'd keyboard) with decent results, but I will be attempting to record drums for the first time soon. I know that a lot of the Beatles stuff was recorded with just 2 dynamic mics, but has anyone had any experience recording like this? I'm not expecting to get the best drum sounds, but any help/advice would be much appreciated.

P.S. Sorry, I didn't realize there was a specific section for recording drums, if this is an inappropriate place to post this, let me know.


RemyRAD Thu, 10/25/2007 - 20:58

Hey! Well, you have an excellent selection of equipment already at hand. I had six of those DI's before they recently got lifted. I like those passive transformer direct boxes but not on guitars or electric basses. They are fine for keyboard outputs and taking the direct output from an amplifier head. Otherwise, the 50,000 ohm input impedance will load down a guitar pick up. Loading down a guitar pick up or electric bass, will make the guitar sound less than stellar. So, if you want to take guitars direct, you'll want an active DI. Inexpensive active direct boxes are perfectly adequate. Not great but will not load down a guitar pick up. There are others but it will cost you.

2 SM58's perfect! Don't need anything else for drums. One in the bass drum and one overhead. Oh? You want stereo? OK, SM58's overhead, not in XY or anything like that. Just stick them overhead like you see on Leno's show. Then all you need is an old used beat up SM57 that looks like crap for $25 in the bass drum. I'm sure you can afford that. At least after you finished your paper route.

Less is more. Keep it simple student.
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