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Bought a new SM58

well, I was finally forced into replacing my old trusty 57 this weekend. It died last year (the ballad that which has been mentioned here many times so I won't get into that again, lol) but instead of buying a new one, I started using an old AT dynamic that is haf knocking around for years that I used instead. But, I couldn't get used to it tho.

blackjack and sm58

I Need help from the experts here. I want to record spoken word with garage band. I have a blackjack and two mics. An Audio-Technica condenser mic, and a Shure sm58. The volume when I use the condenser mic is great. I use the phantom power with the Audio-Technica. The volume when I use the sm58 is very low. I am using the XLR input into the blackjack. Do I need a mic preamp amp for the sm58?

Spotting a counterfeit SM58

As a public service to RO and its potential visitors, I thought I'd research this topic and post a thread explaining the differences between real Shure SM58 mics and counterfeit models. In the last few years, a serious number of fake 58's have hit the global market. This isn't a myth, these fake mics are indeed out there, so here are some things to look for:


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