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Hello! I need a short, concise advice on how to make a DDP project in HOFA. I've been always sending a finished project to the pressing plant, but they fucked up last album, so I decided to take it on my own to be sure I did everything properly. I work mainly with live recordings, so I usually don't take 2-second breaks between songs, for obvious reasons. After importing the finished project to HOFA, however, I noticed that with all default settings, the program automatically gives these 2-second breaks between individual tracks. So I went into the settings, and where the Default Pause Between Clips option is, I changed the value from 150 to 0 Frames to get the desired effect and get rid of the gaps. They are no longer visible on the screen, so I conclude that the software worked correctly after changing the settings. Also, in the Marked Distances Before First Track option, 15 Frames were selected, and this gave a much smaller initial pre-gap at the start of the project than the required 2 seconds. So I changed the value from 15 to 150 Frames, and after zooming in, the first track actually started at exactly 2 seconds. Are these settings correct now, or am I missing something? Guess I shouldn't change Marked Distances Before First Track option? Kind regards.

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