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How does it sound for the Mastering?



anonymous Sun, 01/25/2004 - 10:51

Originally posted by Michael Fossenkemper:
I have one and like it for some things. It has a fairly smooth sound but not much punch. It can be used for more broad strokes rather than surgery. I used to like it but in the last 4 years have found myself not using it as much. The high end is a little to hypey for my taste but can be usefull. what kind of eq are you using now?

Sometime I use the Eqs from the Finalizer and sometimes the Eq from waves the Ren.ones.
I'm thinking to buy the Focusrite ones, that's why I asked how the Comp. sounds.

The last time I used the Waves Eq, TLAudio Comp. the 1176 (plug iin) and the L2.

What do you use at the moment?

Michael Fossenkemper Sun, 01/25/2004 - 16:57

Oh, my mistake. I was talking about the eq and you were talking about the compressor. If your talking about the plugin, then it's not really worth it IMO. I would go with something from waves. right now i use the weiss DS1 mkII compressor. Once you go Weiss, you never go back. I also have a rack of the Amek 9098 compressors that I really like. they are great for doing gentle compression but the Weiss is my workhorse.


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