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From Focusrite Voicemaster to Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3?

Hey everyone,

I'm struggling to connect my Focusrite Voicemaster to a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Phone for recording. The connection goes like this:

Microphone -> Focusrite -> Focusrite Headphone out TRS cable -> TRRS to 2x TRS Mic/Audio Splitter -> TRRS to USB-C Adaptor -> Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

The TRRS to USB-C Adaptor is working fine with a TRRS Headset.

The TRRS to 2x TRS Mic/Audio Splitter also works fine with a TRS Microphone connected to it's mic jack.

Audient Mico with Drawmer 231 into Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 3rd gen. Any thoughts?

Online I found a second hand Audient Mico Mic pre-amp for sale. I already have the Drawmer 231 Compressor/limiter and the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 3rd gen.

I have the Drawmer for a few month now, but haven't used it much yet. Would it be a nice combo to get my mic signal into the Audient Mico - Drawmer 231 - Focusrite Scarlett 18i20, and apply some mild compression before going into the DAW. I know I have plenty of compression options in my two DAW's, but sometimes I have the feeling some anoloque processing is nice for the sound too.

Old Focusrite interface drivers not supported anynore.

Yesterday after an update from Windows 10 pro, my Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 stopped working decently. It is an old firewire based interface which worked perfectly for me. Now it changes sample-rate every second or does not lock at all, sometimes it does at 32 bit/96 Khz and then unlocks again. .

Some googling learned me, it is not supported anymore as are some other older interfaces. So if you have an older Focusrite interface going crazy, first check if it is still supported before you get yourself into a lot of faultfinding and checking things!

Focusrite Scarlett 2i4, Logic Pro X, AT2035 not working.

Me: I'm running Logic Pro X, I've been using Garage band and I just upgraded. I have 2 issues out the gate that I cannot seem to get around. My Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 is reading my SM57 when it's plugged in but it's not outputting on Logic. I can see in my logic that it's picking up the signal and in the interface that it's picking up, but I cannot hear what's going in. The S, R, and the I are all clicked, The output is set to Scarlett 24i and the input is too in the logic audio preferences.

Samson C01 not working with Scarlett Focusrite Solo

Hi there,

I have a Scarlett Focusrite Solo and it works great for plugging in my electric guitar. I just bought a Samson C01 Studio Condenser Mic with an XLR cable. When I plugin the cable and press the 48V button for phantom power, nothing happens. I turn the gain button and unlike the jack/guitar input it doesn't turn green. Also, the Samson C01 should have a blue light burning but it is just not connecting. I am really at loss here about what is going wrong. Can anybody help me out?