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I'm set to render some Wavesof my tracks but I've noticed that when I cut right to the beginning of a track and render it, part of the beginning will get sliced off when I open it in VLC or a lot of players. Is there some industry standard of how many milliseconds of space I should leave before the track starts to ensure that none of it gets cut off without having to leave TOO much on their so that the track doesn't actually start right away when someone plays it?

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RemyRAD Sat, 12/17/2011 - 08:54

I usually make sure to include .5-1 second of blank lead in with a very quick logarithmic fade in prior to first oscillation of sound. My spacing is generally determined by how long of a reverb trail or fade out is necessary, generally yielding 2 seconds between individual cuts. And not necessarily any silence between cuts when preparing masters of live recordings but still trying to maintain approximately 2-4 seconds between actual cuts.

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