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Critique on all-digitally produced sample/idea ...

Hi all, It's been quite a while. I've been messing around with a few things and have stayed ITB ...even using all VSTI for drums, guitar, and bass. I picked up the Weiss Complete plugin package, and it has turned around my beliefs on mastering needing to be done all OTB. So far I'm not looking back either.

Master Mix on Fostex Digital 8 track

Any Fostex users out there? I forget my model number - 8 track recorder (4 tracks at a time) with CD burner. I'm seeking advice regarding the order in which the tracks should be recorded and how they should be mixed. I have some M Audio speakers - which tend to sound "muddy". I'll get a mix that sounds good in the headphones only to have it sound like crap through the speakers.

So, where we at with Analog vs. Digital these Days?

I know this is a pretty beaten up dead horse, but I really don't know the current state of approval/disapproval these days since I've been out of the groove a few years. Is online digital auto-mastering taking over too? I suspect many people are giving their own run at this with their own material and plugs?

A&H SQ6 Digital Console - New

I saw this advertised in this month's issue of Pro Sound, and thought I would post a link to info on the new A&H digital console; @boswell I know you're a fan of A&H...
This seems to be a pretty remarkable deal for under $3500 ( (US)...
96k, 48 input channels, 36 Busses, 24 mic preamps, 25 motorized faders, (presumably the 25th is for the Master Bus).

I'll Admit It: Digital Gear is Insanely Confusing to Me, and I Need Help

I've been away from the music world since 2013, when my last band broke up. It's been a long hiatus, but I've been chatting with a few members of that old band, and we're going to form a new project this Spring/ Summer. Which means I need to buy and build a new recording setup.

Slate Digital Raven

I did a query of the subject and it appears the Slate Digital Raven was last discussed in 2012. It appears that there were no great fans of it at that time. Has anyone experience with this ? Has Slate Digital stepped up to the plate yet ? I'm just curious. I'm working on a MBP 13" laptop. Currently, I use an old HP 19" monitor.