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Computer/Digitally Controlled Mic Stands

What Brands, models, Types are you using/aware of?

I thinking about designing something for myself, but I am curious what other people are into.

The obvious advantage of this is the engineer gets to stay in the control room to fine tune the mic placement...

I am Interested to hear your thoughts.

Critique on all-digitally produced sample/idea ...

Hi all, It's been quite a while. I've been messing around with a few things and have stayed ITB ...even using all VSTI for drums, guitar, and bass. I picked up the Weiss Complete plugin package, and it has turned around my beliefs on mastering needing to be done all OTB. So far I'm not looking back either.

Please recommend portable digital recorder with good mic preamps

Hi there,

I have used portable recorders starting in the 80s (WM-D3) and continued in the 90s (TCD-D8), mostly for recording piano recitals. My microphones of choice were and are the OKM-2 binaural mics by the Berlin 'Soundman' company and they served me really well.

Advice on creating a digital home recording setup

Hey all,

New to the community but already found so much helpful info here, now its time to dive into the details...

I am getting back into home recording. My previous experience with this was a Tascam 424 cassette-based setup. So this digital world is truly amazing to me. I record old school analogue instruments, except a keyboard (but no midi)

Here is the first easy test demo I made:

Master Mix on Fostex Digital 8 track


Any Fostex users out there? I forget my model number - 8 track recorder (4 tracks at a time) with CD burner. I'm seeking advice regarding the order in which the tracks should be recorded and how they should be mixed. I have some M Audio speakers - which tend to sound "muddy". I'll get a mix that sounds good in the headphones only to have it sound like crap through the speakers.

So, where we at with Analog vs. Digital these Days?


I know this is a pretty beaten up dead horse, but I really don't know the current state of approval/disapproval these days since I've been out of the groove a few years. Is online digital auto-mastering taking over too? I suspect many people are giving their own run at this with their own material and plugs?

Digital piano headphone output signal is low and noisy when connected as line

Hi all,
Looking for some help here...

I have a digital piano Yamaha YDP-163 which has 2 headphone jacks as audio outputs. Sadly, no AUX OUT or LINE OUT jacks so only headphones.
When plugging a single pair of headphones to either of the headphone jacks, the audio signal is clean, clear and loud with very good signal to noise ratio.
Now, i wish to be able to record audio from this piano into my PC using RME Fireface 400 inputs.