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I'm running a Digi002 with control board through a mac and would like to extend its capabilities by adding 8 (ADAT compatible) mic preamp's. There is the cheaper end eg. Behringer ADA8000 and the next step seams to leap up to something like an Audient ASP008.

Has anyone had much use in either of these choices and are there big differences or are there other brands that offer great quality in the $1000 - $3000 range? Thanks. .


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anonymous Wed, 03/30/2005 - 09:49

There are actually a bunch of choices b/w the Behringer and the above $1000 crowd. For example, the M-Audio Octane, PreSonus Digimax LT and M80, Mackie Onyx 800R, Focusrite's Octopre and Octopre LE. If I had my choice of this bunch, I would go with the Octopre. I believe this unit shares pres with the rest of the platinum line, which is entry-level Focusrite, but still better than many. Big plus for me is comp/limiter on each channel.

anonymous Tue, 04/05/2005 - 14:04

Another option you might consider is the Alesis AI-3. It allows you to connect ANY outboard mic pre (up to 8 ) via TRS and then converts all 8 inputs to the optical format. Also, it has Optical outputs as well as inputs, so you can use it to send signals to AND from your DAW. Since the AI-3 has optical input, it can chase the 002's clock instead of having to be the master device, unlike the Presonus stuff. If I were in your situation, this is what I would do simply because you will be able to mix and match any combination of your favorite outboard mic pres, and you won't have to worry about your mic pres going obsolete (if the optical format goes, you'll still have your outboard pres). AND, it's only $400 retail (roughly).

Then again, I used to own a Digimax 96k and it was a wonderful peice of gear for the price...

just my 2 cents...


anonymous Thu, 04/07/2005 - 23:15

Yep, I'm quite pleased with my new ada8000 as well. I recorded some drums the other day and I found the results large, clear and pretty warm. When I'm rich and/or famous, I'm buying that Universal Audio 8-pre dealy. For now, there's no reason to spend more that $230 for something I'll replace eventually.