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Mic Pre Question...

I have a U87 ai and I was thinking about getting a UA 710-Twin Finity to add some warmth to vocals. I'm a big fan of the early 90s Boyz II Men End of the Road/I'll Make Love to You/On Bended Knee sound. I talked to their tech and he said he thinks they used a U87 but I didn't think to ask him what preamps they might have used.

My singer and I are trying to recreate that sound (to the best of our ability). I was wondering what preamps you guys think would be best for that sound...


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Paul999 Fri, 04/01/2011 - 23:30

Warm is kind of a tough description. Some people hear "warm as muddy". I haven't used the 710. I own 2 LA-610's which some say that they sound wooly which might mean warm to some. The U87 ai through the LA-610 can easily get sibilant. This can be controlled and is workable though. I really like my Shadow hills mono gama pre. What it has is exceptional focus in a mix. This is my secret weapon to get bass guitars to sit with a focused low end. On vocals you can add a little 125hz-175hz and really give a voice a huge but focused low end. Most good quality pre's should sound nice with this mic if you work with it. So many legendary vocal sounds were made with a U87 and whatever pre was in the console.