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Hi, I'm considering buying a RODE Videomic Pro to use with my DSLR but have heard that it's a bit flimsy and the shock mount requires regular adjustment. Can anyone recommend a better alternative? Thanks!


RemyRAD Wed, 01/25/2012 - 17:48

It's a little awkward to try and mount a long snout shotgun microphone to a DSLR. It's only going to get into the field of view of the picture. And that's why you mount them on boom poles. Besides, the audio recording section of most of those DSLR's are generally pretty awful. That sound in the camera is only there to be used as a guide for synchronization with an external solid-state recorder such as a ZOOM H 4 and the like. So you have to read up more on this stuff. All shock mounts are generally on the flimsy side because they are nothing more than luxurious rubber bands. It doesn't matter much how tightly the microphone is clamped. It doesn't matter much how tightly the microphone stand mounting is. It's just rubber bands. SHURE actually used to make and maybe still does, a rubberized sleeve to a microphone stand mount. I found those to be a little more long-lived. All rubber bands whether cloth covered or not turn to crap in just a couple of years or less. They require regular replacement. Sort of like oil and filter changes for your car. You did remember to do that didn't you? So you'll also be changing rubber bands every few months.

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