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Kontakt 6 Alternatives

I have an older Mac and Kontakt 4. I've since upgraded my OS to the highest level my Mac can handle which is 10.11. That OS is too high for Kontakt 4 and Kontakt 6 (the latest) needs 10.12 which my Mac can't go to.

What alternatives bundles are there for Kontakt 6 where it would have pianos, organs, brass and strings? Or - is there a place to buy Kontakt 5?

Falling Sky - Alternative Rock Song Idea

Hi all,

Working on a new song idea. Solo may need to be added, but before I continue, feedback is most welcome on what I have. Also feedback on if I should add a solo or leave the mid part as an instrumental break.

Thanks in advance and rock on!


PT2399 chip alternative

Hello all,

So I've built a little angel chorus pedal using the pt2399 chip and i get a white noise that is a little too obvious. I took the chip out and the pedal is dead silent. I goggled and it turns out the pt2399 chips have a reputation for this noise. So... My question, is there an alternative quieter chip i can use?


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