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Kontakt 6 Alternatives

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1 year 5 months
I have an older Mac and Kontakt 4. I've since upgraded my OS to the highest level my Mac can handle which is 10.11. That OS is too high for Kontakt 4 and Kontakt 6 (the latest) needs 10.12 which my Mac can't go to.

What alternatives bundles are there for Kontakt 6 where it would have pianos, organs, brass and strings? Or - is there a place to buy Kontakt 5?


Falling Sky - Alternative Rock Song Idea

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6 years 7 months
Hi all,

Working on a new song idea. Solo may need to be added, but before I continue, feedback is most welcome on what I have. Also feedback on if I should add a solo or leave the mid part as an instrumental break.

Thanks in advance and rock on!


(Words by Jonathan Linton, Music by Jonathan Linton)

Tonnes of steel
Hid in a hole
Out of control
Ways to die
Button pressed

Alternative/Indie/Rock Mix Advice

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5 years 9 months
Hey all, I've been doing some home recording for bands I've played in for years, but I've always struggled to produce mixes that are both full, and dynamic sounding.

My mixes have a tendency to sound too 'clean' and therefore empty. I think I've been slowly improving as i go, but there is only so much i feel i can develop just by reading and doing. I think its time for some actual interaction and feedback from other people that know what they are doing.

I'm looking for criticism, tips, helpful advice, whatever, on this mix.

Check out my new song/mix! Alternative metal/ rock/ post-core

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7 years 3 months
(Dead Link Removed)

Hi guys! So i'm new to this forum, thought I would share my latest mix/song. The bands me and my band are inspired by, both music and production wise are:
Red, of Mice and Men, memphis may fire, i see stars, Breaking benjamin etc..
Would like to hear what you guys think about the mix mostly, but also the song.
Been investing in some new studio equipment, studio monitors and upgraded my computer hardware so i've been trying to improve my mixing skills.

pt2399 alternative

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8 years 3 months
Hello all,

So I've built a little angel chorus pedal using the pt2399 chip and i get a white noise that is a little too obvious. I took the chip out and the pedal is dead silent. I goggled and it turns out the pt2399 chips have a reputation for this noise. So... My question, is there an alternative quieter chip i can use?


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