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Testing Placement of RODE NT5's with the Guzheng (Chinese Zither)

Just starting using a pair of RODE NT5's with directional capsules to record the guzheng. After some experimenting with positions, I've settled on both overhead, one on each side, about 3ft from the instrument. I've added no effects to this recording other than a compressor. What do you think?

Trying to record into SP404sx with my RODE NT1

Hey there,

I'm trying to record directly into my sp404sx with a RODE NT1 microphone through my Scarlett 2i4 interface (using Ableton as a DAW). Currently I am succesfully getting signal, however, I am only getting signal on one side in the SP404. Any help would be much appreciated, being able to record straight into my sampler with the RODE NT1 would greatly improve my workflow. (I need to use the interface so as to transit phantom power to the mic. Otherwise I would use the actual mic line on the SP).

ROOKIE QUESTION: My Focusrite 2i4 is receiving no signal from my RODE NT!


I'm currently trying to use my new RODE NT1 microphone to record into ableton. I am using a Scarlett Focusrite 2i4 as my audio interface. I am aware of the need for phantom power and have the '48v' button switched on on my interface. Although I have the phantom power on the interface seems to be receiving no signal from the microphone. I'm not sure if this is an issue with the mic, the interface, my settings, or if I am doing something else wrong.

New RODE VideMic Pro recording at lower-than-normal levels?

I recently bought the RODE VideoMic Pro to couple with my Zoom H1 in order to obtain better and cleaner sound in my videos by recording the person's voice from up top, as close as I can get to the mouth, which is normally around 30-40 cm. However, I'm finding that at normal to slighlty-higher-than-normal speech levels my setup must be VMP @ +20db and H1 @ 25 in order to get a decent sounding audio quality with decent volume. And I'm often having to ask the speaker to speak a louder, as loud as he/she can, which is not ideal.



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