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I am new to this professional forum site and came seeking for recording advice regarding two different types of microphones. You see, I am an novice up-and-coming ghost hunter and wish to use a high frequency/ultrasonic microphone and an low frequency/infrasound microphone for recording ghosts voices in room plus capable of also recording other rooms around me as well. E.g. the room next door.

Can anyone please provide advice? It would be greatly appreciated.


cyrano Mon, 09/07/2020 - 22:29

Get a Dodotronic:

Also, find a broken ECM8000 from Behringer. Replace the mic capsule with a needle. Very sensitive to find electrical fields.

For subsonic, maybe look at stuff like the "Buttkicker". Yes, it's a speaker, but speakers are also microphones. The alternative are vibration sensors as used for geology, but these are very pricey and hard to get. A Buttkicker can be found on Craig's list for 10-20$ or so.

Boswell Tue, 09/08/2020 - 00:19

We've had a few threads along these lines in the past. The problem comes down to standard audio recording equipment being designed to deal with frequencies that we can hear, and so is not particularly suited to capturing frequencies that are outside the range of our hearing. In addition, the amplitude of the recorded vibrations can be difficult to tease out of the noise of the recording equipment. For both noise and frequency range, you have to leave the field of audio and enter the field of instrumentation, which happens to be my professional area.

Over the years, I've been asked to design bat detectors that hetrodyne frequencies in the 50 - 100 KHz down to the audio range, and have also used geophones to capture vibrations from 0.5Hz - 20Hz with FM modulation to record these on standard audio recorders.

Try using this site's search facility for "geophone", and you will see a few threads that may help you.