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Anybody out there have any experience/insight with this unit? I know sonic purity/neutrality is the given - anyone use them, or HV-3(ish) preamps for tracking and/or mixing in/out of Pro Tools? Wondering if it is worth going the distance and invest, or stay mixing internally. I have an Apogee AD-8000 to partner with it, but wonder is it too limiting in other ways - too neutral, non-featured other thingy's,and besides it being the price of a couple of good (used) cars. :eek:


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Guest Tue, 08/07/2001 - 05:25

FWIW, I've found the Millennia stuff to be 'clean', but in a boring sort of way. GML stuff is also clean, but it seems to have an 'excitement' to the audio while it's being 'clean'.

I've often compared the HV-3 to a beautiful woman that lays there like a dead fish when you're having sex. Looks great, but is boring as sin when you get down to it.

That said, the API 7600 thing has finally shipped some production prototypes, so that may be a reality soon [which can be turned into something of a console], the Speck 'Xtramix' might be a possibility, depending on how many buses you require and how many inputs you're dealing with, the API 3124M+ might be sufficient for your needs. For that matter, if it's in your budget, the Crane Song 'Spider' is starting to ship [slowly, but shipping]...which might kill several birds with one stone.

Personally, I have found all of the above far superior to the HV-3 kind of tone. As always, YMMV.

PlugHead Wed, 08/08/2001 - 20:18

Thanks for your comments, Fletcher.
What is the API 7600 - searched their website for anything tangiable, but only a distant photo and small blurb saying nothing. I vaguely remeber them getting a tech award for this as a small format console - how the hell is that possible without it being available for retail?

As for the 3124-M+ - I've used 512's in the past:As for monitoring, or 2-bus mixing, how would it fair? The Speck is highly interesting - if it had mic-pre's, it'd be my choice. Spider looks interesting, but I need to hear it and get into a session to know if it's the right tool. I really would like a rack-sized system to have my rig go portable - further comments?

Thanks again,

PlugHead Productions

anonymous Sun, 08/12/2001 - 00:29


I've been wondering about the GML9100 and the Millennia as well. The Manley too.

I'm probably building a 2" A80 16 track and Protools (has to be 96KHz 24 bit capable though if not, maybe Nuendo) based private room, and considering the maintenance issues and the number of sends involved, a vintage desk is probably out of consideration.

I emailed Mr. Massenburg a few days ago requesting info on the 9100, but no reply yet. i wonder if they've stopped making it? I've seen a couple, and they are very nice and have 4 sends, which is just right, since I need some sends when tracking for monitoring.

The Manley seems nice too, but as a stock config, only has one send, which is not enough when tracking on 2".

I'm looking at maybe 16 minimum to maybe 24 or 32 inputs, EQ and compression would be plugin's or patched in analog "inline" as necessary, coupled with a DAW with 24 outs, 16 as individual outs and 8 as sends.

Can someone provide advice on what the best configuration would be?

PS: I just went to the API website, the 7600 would be too elaborate and probably costly.

I agree about the Millennia and GML opinion, having used both, the Millennia can sound too sterile, whereas the GML is more exciting. Just my opinion though.



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