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I want to buy a pair of new mic stands to hold two AKG 414's for drum OHs and VO's, I've been looking around but only found ultraexpensive Manley stands for $1,000 and low-quality $50-90 stands. Are there anything hi-quality-robust stands outhere that are not so expensive as the manley's?

Thank you for your help

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Mad John Sat, 01/26/2002 - 07:26

Hello ,

Yes , the very best and cheapest stands are from the company that has been with the pros on and off stage since the 50's.

The name of the company.....Atlas!

Give them a try , you will have them for life.

Good luck to you!

Mad John
Zythum Studios

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Edgar Varese - 1921

drumsound Sat, 01/26/2002 - 19:51

Originally posted by meriphew:
[QB]I just picked up a Quik Lok (A50 I think, big and black with wheels and boom) for about $130. This thing is pretty massive, and seems well built. I wasn't expecting it to be as nice at that price.

I use two of these. I think they are a good alternative to the $500+ Atlas.

Ted Nightshade Sun, 01/27/2002 - 07:27

I thoroughly hate my Onstage Stand. Not only does it make a bunch of highly undesirable acoustic cricks and creaks, but it will not stay in one place. I'm big on precision mic placement, and it makes me crazy to be checking to see if the stand is wobbled to the left or if its wobbled back to where I wanted it. This is only tolerable at all at minimum extension. Stick with Atlas or something better!

osmuir Mon, 01/28/2002 - 10:24

alto music: unbelieviably cheap stuff.

i should mention that mercenary is as cool as they propert to be w/r/t customer service. they bend over backwards and then some.

pendulum broke? sent me a new one the next day for free while i sent mine off to be fixed.

so even if a little more expensive, probably worth it.


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