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KRK Stands

Hey so I just got a set of KRK Rokits. The stands it came with were missing all the screws. I've contacted them about getting the package of screws sent, but it's been 3 weeks and I'm loosing my mind having these speakers on my desk. Does anyone know the exact dimensions of the screws? I'm just going to order them on Amazon, I just need to know what size screws to buy.

Tama - Iron Works Studio, mic stands


Shout out to Tama as they are supporting RO now. Looking through their hardware line-up called Iron Works, I see solid looking stands we might be interested in. I never seem to have enough stands, these look well made and well suited for tight spots.
If anyone gets a chance to use this stuff, please share your opinions. The tripod cast base straight stands caught my eye.

using ultimate support lighting stands for overheads Choirs

I'm going to be needing help over the next month preparing for our cities Royal Conservatory competition choirs.

This is my first time recording choirs.

I'm needing overheads sometime here or in the future so I'm wondering what you all recommend I should buy or can I use these?