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Hey guys. Im new here... Ive searched through afew posts and been reading up! Keep in mind I'm In Australia and a lot of producst are hard to come buy. and even try out (so i do most shopping direct from US)

Anyways i was interested on your thoughts to this option:

i want to get some more mics for my setup.. willing to spend wateva.. but around 4000 Aus so i guess thats about 3000ish -US

I know its not allot but ill get more down the track

Wat i got so far:
Studio Projects B2
And the usual 57's etc etc

Vintech 473 quad pre
UA LA610
Grace 101

(and I'm still deciding on what next for the pres)
SOmething from Sebatron
Langevin DVC

Anyway. SHould i get 1 Nuemann u87. or . wat I'm thinking is get afew other ones such as AKG 414, AT 4050s and something else for more variety and usage... Superdulex gets a good rap also
Im thinking that would be a beta option?

It will be for my main vocal and acoustic guitar tracking but if i can get other usage out of it aswell then sweet.. cabs, drums wateva

Also any shops you guys would recommend for online shopping

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Cucco Thu, 07/26/2007 - 06:10

Well, you've got a pretty good starting point here.

Usually, when individuals ask about the choice between 1 and many mics, I usually recommend many since a single mic (no matter how good it may be) is usually a good choice for only a few things. For everything else, you're left hanging. The u87 is a great mic for voiceovers and for certain (usually male) vocals, but it certainly isn't everything to everyone.

While you do have a few mics to start and you have some very nice pres, I would think your mic collection would need to grow before you get something like a statement mic. The SoundElux is a great choice and I can tell you from personal experience that it (specifically the u195) and the Langevin DVC is such a wonderful and perfect combination (and quite versatile too with the wonderful EQ on the DVC and the fat switch on the mic!)

Of course, the C414 is a ubiquitous mic (although I personally don't own one and really don't plan on it either) and most studios have at least 1 or 2.

Other than that, I think you're definitely heading in the right direction.

Davedog Thu, 07/26/2007 - 17:52

I'm kinda with Jeremy on this one....but then I really really love microphones...the more the merrier.


Searching for that ONE mic can be a long long process, and I understand your desire to flesh it out through discussions on our board (and others too?) Unfortunately, we can only describe our experiences with this or that and though theres going to be truth in what we say, the reality is you need to hear these things first-hand before you'll really know if its the right one for you.

Your pres are right up there and should you decide on something new, the Sebatron idea is a sound one. Besides, its a local product for you and should work well with your budget.

The DVC is one of my favorites and doesnt get as much play as it should....or maybe not as it keeps the price down!!!!

Now the mic. U87Ai. I assume its a new one because of your dollar amount attached to your question involving this mic. I own an older one, and have used another one that was older and one not so old. I LOVE them on anything...except the newer models. I would NEVER pay what they're asking for the new ones. For that money I could go for the Soundelux and a couple of different models to boot. I like the Neumann TLM193 better than the newer U87's. BUT...If you can find a pristine conditioned U87 thats a pre 1985 model, then buy it. And never look back. Theres got to be some floating around Australia. A careful search should turn one up. You'll wind up putting out 65% of the list of a new one for this, but then you've got coin for a DVC or a Seb.

Another direction would be an AT4050, a nice ribbon mic, and a couple of KEL HM1's. The 4050 is GREAT on everything, a ribbon will do vocals that no other mic can do(and you have pres with the right stuff for a ribbon), the Kels are wonderful guitar amp mics as well as room mics etc(only $100us!!!)Then buy a nice case Southeastern Aussie Cabernet for a future opening. And if you get your next pre, make sure you get one that has variable impedances on the inputs. This makes your mic collection quite a bit larger as it causes mics to behave in ways you only dream about.

AidenVarro Thu, 07/26/2007 - 19:37

I think ill go with the at4050. and a akg 414 (mainly cos there alot easier to get)

and ill also probably get a superdelux when i can find someone who stocks them...

Any dealers for sending to AUS??

I did have a 1984 U87 on ebay lined up.. but was still $2500 US but i didnt have the cash ready at the time... but the more im thinking bout spending that much i would be more worried about it getting stolen or wateva..

the langevin is hard to get a hold of over here.. let alone here about it.. so something from seb will be the next pre i believe...