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Georg Neumann GmbH, founded in 1928 and based in Berlin, Germany, is a prominent manufacturer of professional recording microphones. Their best-known products are condenser microphones for broadcast, live and music production purposes.

More Chinese mics - Two winners and an average one


I've been going through the mics that arrived while I was away, and one mic, I don't think people will like, but a couple that are quite cheap and very good!

I'm working on another video warning people that sometimes mics from China can be simply awful, and how price means little sometimes. I'll have that one done in a day or two, spare work time permitting.

Should a Neumann TLM 193 be this dark?


I owned this mic in 1998 for a while and bought one again in 2014. I always thought it was good, plus it allowed investment in Neumann technology, which was otherwise well outside my budget - and still is. However, I find it extremely dark on vox (and instruments) and am certain a mic of this accuracy and calibre shouldn't be.

Vocal Compressor with Neumann U87+Vintech X73i


Hi everyone, I purchased a Neumann U87 microphone (vintage "1980) and Vintech Audio X73i, now I want to counsel,
I want to buy a compressor but do not know what better jump suit in this chain ...
Thinking about
WARM AUDIO WA76, but maybe you have other ideas, not expensive but perfect for this configuration

Schoeps, Neumann and MH ULN-8 on pipe organ



Very long time since I last wrote here, but now I'm back with my organ recordings. :)

Doing preparation for a pipe organ recording. So I went and tested some Schoeps CMC6 and CMC5, with capsule MK 2S and MK3. Neumann KM130 and all audio through the Metric Halo ULN8. What do you think about sound and the first impression of the recording?

Neumann/Gefell GNM14 mic


Hi all,

My first post here at Nice to meet you!

I was given a broken vintage Neumann mic a while back and fixed it recently. It is an M14: a gooseneck mic complete with PS and impedance converter. The sound is heaven, and it's very quiet. I'm hoping anyone out there has some experience with this rare bird. I'll post some pics.

Thanks for reading.