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Grand Pianos again - some different ideas


I've been experimenting with finding the right mics for a grand piano and before I finish the video, I thought I'd shar some of the recordings so far.

We have a G2 Yamaha Grand, and my favourites are still a pair of AKG 414s - one favouring the left hand and the other the right.

Mics for cello recording


I spent a lot of time today on my cello quest. In the end, I picked the SM57, and the Sennheiser e906 (mainly because I'd been using 3 of them for a Queen Tribute - and they did quite well on AC30 amps. I went with the AKG 414 and the U87.

Recording Vocals - Microphone choices


In the videos I have been producing, we've listened to a number of microphones and how they respond to voice and instruments, but for completeness, we'd not heard them on voices. I'd been working on a little job where I'm creating a stage track for a person I've worked with for years and I always send him the stems, and a guide vocal.

Vocal Compressor with Neumann U87+Vintech X73i


Hi everyone, I purchased a Neumann U87 microphone (vintage "1980) and Vintech Audio X73i, now I want to counsel,
I want to buy a compressor but do not know what better jump suit in this chain ...
Thinking about
WARM AUDIO WA76, but maybe you have other ideas, not expensive but perfect for this configuration

Neumann U87 alternatives



I am planning to set up a small studio. It will be used for working on my own music but also commercially, for recording vocals including voice overs and occasionally instruments. I would probably add some extra mics later, but for start, I want to buy one "credible" mic.

Neumann U87i vs. U87ai comparison


I found this interesting and entertaining so here ya go. It was pretty hard to hear the subtle detail on a youtube but to me they sounded close but the ai was sightly brighter. Interesting to hear how everyone hears things different. I like the fact they had a women's ears in this too. Women tend to be less tolerant to upper mids and she chose the ai.