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I get a very airy, flat, thin sound. Then again I have a horrible voice and I intended to use it for a girl, not a male. Does anyone own this? Is it just my novice EQ'ing skills? Thanks!

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MadMax Thu, 06/18/2009 - 18:39

Which NT2?

The NT2A, I got nuttin... The original NT2... yeah... I got a pair.

There's a presence boost that can cut glass if you aren't respective of that bump. Then too, as with most any mic with that "presence" boost, they can ALL cut through glass.

I've found the NT2 to be better suited to deeper voices and things like room mic's and respectable as a drum OH.

All in all, a very respectable mic in it's own right. I like em'.

Low-ish noise, good gain, neutral-ish coloration that tends to fall on the bright side of a 414. Not to dis either mic, but at under $400 new, it gives me a "better" bang for the buck compared to a 414.

It's certainly not gonna rank up there with a U87 or a C12, but few mic's do.

Cucco Fri, 06/26/2009 - 08:05

Just a thought -
Every time I've used excessive EQ on vocals, it starts to significantly degrade the sound to the point where I can't take it.

The best EQ to use is the EQ that's "applied" when moving the mic around.

Next best is a gentle High Pass Filter (if necessary)

Next to that is a gentle lift HF from a nice outboard EQ like the one built into the Langevin DVC.

After that...nah, no EQ should be necessary.

Just a thought - maybe part of the cause, maybe not.