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Hello friends
I'm considering to purchase (vocal stage mic) supercardioid. It will be easy if I live in NY. B&H have big room of microphones when folks testing some of them before purchase. Unfortunately I can't go to NY because I live in Arkansas. And 99% of any purchase is online. I was thinking about Sennheiser e865 vs RODE S1. I don't know how they sound but considering specifications look like RODE S1 should be better. Both having some similarity regarding specification. Sennheiser look very impressive, but we have to remember that we should evaluate mic on performance not on look alone. I was leaning more for RODE S1, but when I ask for advice at B&H, they recommendation was Sennheiser e865.

Hello, my name is John P:

Thank you for contacting the E-Mail Sales Department at B&H Photo Video and Pro Audio. I understand very well your predicament. I would suggest the Sennheiser. For several reasons. Although they are both condensers for live work. I prefer the sound of the Sennheiser. It is built a bit better than the RODE . Also I think is zsounds better. Especially the high end.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

Thank you, we appreciate your business.

John P
B&H Photo Video and Pro Audio
The Professional's Source.

Now I'm wondering: how much I rely on recommendation from B&H:confused: I will appreciate some input from knowledgeable folks who know how this mic sound. Before I decide to buy one of them


djmukilteo Thu, 06/20/2013 - 18:06

Why not try the same thing with Sweetwater, ZZsounds or Musician Friends. Lots of good reputable online dealers (like B&H) out there and see what they say. You can call anyone of those places with their toll free numbers and speak directly to a salesperson if you like. The good ones will ask you some professional questions about your needs and give you the best bang for your buck. Many times they will have a special offer for you just because you called.
They also have return policies if you are not happy with the product they have recommended.
Good luck

Ryszard. S Fri, 06/21/2013 - 07:44

Thank you guys for replay. I may just do that and we see what they suggest for me. I did see video posted on full compass I was listening on my Adam A7X and sound was very good. This is link to view this video. [[url=http://[/URL]="http://www.fullcomp…"]Sennheiser E865 Evolution Series Condenser Microphone | Full Compass[/]="http://www.fullcomp…"]Sennheiser E865 Evolution Series Condenser Microphone | Full Compass[/] I have time to find out more about this two microphones before I make any decision. I did not find any Rode S1 video what will give me some imput regarding sound quality, but I'm looking for.

Ryszard. S Fri, 06/21/2013 - 14:01

Yah, going to a store and try is not an option for me. I live in Arkansas (that is in the middle of nowhere) far from decent size town. My friend have SM58, I'm not a big fan of this mice. I narrowed down to Sennheiser e865 or Rode S1. I have 6 Rode mic and I'm very pleased with all of them. But perhaps is time to try Sennheiser this time. I read somewhere that Celine Dion use e865. I take time to make my decision.

Davedog Fri, 06/21/2013 - 17:21

Allrighty. You do understand that both of these mics are condenser mics??? Y/N. You also understand that a condenser for live use might not be exactly what you think its going to be? Right? are you playing large venues? Do you have a very pure vocal range with all the 'character' in your voice that you want or need? Do you have a high-end monitoring setup?

Since you are out in the sticks of Arkansas, I think you should study a bit more on the characteristics of CONDENSER vocal mics in a live situation as opposed to pictures in catalogs and videos on the internet. I have friends who would die if you swapped out their onstage condensers, but they are rather pure singers. I took out an Audix VX10 and it didnt work as well for me as the owner. I'm a very good singer but live it just didnt do what I needed it to as far as its response to my style of singing.

If you have NEVER used a condenser live, you may be in for a shock and the shock might not be a good one considering the price you pay for the condenser part of it.

But maybe you're an old pro who already knows all of this. Like I said...super cardioid is a good thing for a pattern on stage, but that doesnt mean it HAS to be a condenser to achieve this.

Once again. Miktek PM9. Clean clear dynamic. Built in America.

Ryszard. S Sat, 06/22/2013 - 15:55

Yes I know they are condenser mic. All my mic are condenser and all of them Rode : NT2A. NT1A matching pair. NT3. Podcaster. And I'm pleased with my small collection but is time for Sennheiser just for the test of it:wink: Look like e865s going to be the one. I understand that everyone have some favorite, and that is OK with me. If I make mistake with this mic that will be my first one. And I forgot to mention I'm not a vocalist and not my voice going to be through this mic. My friend going to play my Yamaha NTX-700, young female going to sing and I'm just to supply everything what needed and recording. Perhaps later will be added MIDI track from Ableton if we decide is need for it. For now is just a project and we see how will go. She is young and shy and her voice is not a strong but we will try.

pcrecord Sat, 06/22/2013 - 16:35

Davedog had a point, let me add some precision. Some condenser mics are use on live venue, but they often are a risk of feedback given the fact the can grab more surrounding sounds. So that's why dynamic mics are the first choice for live, specially into small spaces and/or very loud environment.

The fact that the 865 is a super-cardioid will help for feedback reduction, but does not guaranty you won't have any. If a mouth is constantly in front of it.. fine ! but if you move, point the mic in many directions.. be careful.

So that's why sm58 is one of the best sells for live ! It does not sound better, but it's less dangerous.. ;)

Ryszard. S Sun, 06/23/2013 - 10:39

I just read reviews on Audiofanzine and have very good reviews 9/10. What is very good for any mic with this spec and price range. I see no reason why I should not have one. People buying very expensive thousand of $ microphones without hesitation. And this one don't cost (arm or leg). $270.00 is reasonable price for this mic.
And it will be one more condenser, but this time not Rode.

kmetal Tue, 06/25/2013 - 02:32

my thing is try before you buy. just like any guitar, or headphone, or amp. it's not a privalage, it's a near ncessecity. just try the thing in your space and use it. if you like it great, if you don't great.

a bunch of speculation is worth just that. well apointed thoughts, and opinions.

ya know what is a reasonably priced mic? the akg 214. the at 3035. man a 57 sounds clean.

People buying very expensive thousand of $ microphones without hesitation

<---- the people? who? being envious is OK justifying it w/ not standard solutions creates more conversations.

Great gear is cheap, and expensive.

Ryszard. S Tue, 06/25/2013 - 07:22

I agree:my thing is try before you buy. just like any guitar. But closest store 70 miles dont have this mic. And I don't like to drive 200 miles one way to biger store just for that. I make my decision, I go for Sennheiser e865. Even if is NOT 20Hz-20kHz with 50 Ohm. But Sennheiser have some characteristic regarding sound what perhaps will work with this particular application. And some other time I will consider Rode s1, what some folks who own this mic describing as similar to Neuman 105. I don't know, maybe is similar for much less money.

moonbaby Tue, 06/25/2013 - 09:40

The Sennheiser condensers are no mic for an amateur - they have to be "worked" by someone who knows what they're doing. No offense - but we have no idea as to how well you or anybody else will handle that mic. The fact that the Shure didn't work for you leads me to believe that there are other issues at play here.
Also, keep in mind that retailers tend to recommend products that they move quickly at the best profit margins. I take little stock in what a sales person recommends, it is bogus 99% odf the time. Sennheiser products are good - as are Rode - but Sennheiser offers better margins to the larger retail outfits. This shows up in what they "push". Buyer beware.

kmetal Wed, 06/26/2013 - 01:16

A word of caution: Not all stores will take back microphones. Anything that might in normal use come into contact with someone's mouth can be a problem. Check the seller's Return Policy, or ask your salesman specifically what their policy is on mic returns.

i have a $229 rode paperweight from GC. sounded reasonable enough in the store to justify, even tho the salesmen told me it could'nt be returned. figures, i bought the only one in the rode family i don;t like to use. the nt2 (haven't tried 2a) and nt5's are nice to my ears.

for a more 'condenserish' sound live maybe a beta 58? i think they're hypercardiod, and they don't take well to shrill singers, or misguided eq, in my experience live. on te right setup/singer they will give you a more 'airy' type condenser-ish sound from the speakers. i've only used condensers on drums live, so i can't comment on differences of feedback rejection, sound quality.

Ryszard. S Wed, 06/26/2013 - 17:17

You reply: TheSennheiser condensers are no mic for an amateur - they have to be"worked" by someone who knows what they're doing.
WOW, what can I say?
Yes they are other issues, every beginner have some. That is part of learning and understanding. What in my age of 67 is not easy.
Thanks, I did not know that for some microphone you need to be a PRO. Other way you should buy Shure. How advanced I have to be to buy Neumann?
Even if: I make mistake, so what? Not be my first one and not a last one. The one who don’t make any mistake is the one who never do anything.I learn by mistakes and that is OK with me.
And by the way I was mention that is difficult tomake decision between e865 and s1.
I did not ask: what kind of microphone I should buy….. That wasnot my question.
Have good day.

Davedog Fri, 06/28/2013 - 15:38

You asked for our opinion about believing in the recommendation from B&H. The answers were slanted towards whether that particular mic is an optimum choice for your application. Both of the mics you listed sound really good. The Sennheiser being my choice of those two mics, but I would only choose either one in a particular situation. And that is the gist of the suggestions towards whether you should believe the advice you got from a retailer of mics and equipment. All of these opinions are based on real world experience and so they were worded as such. No one cares which mic you buy or whether its a mistake to do so. There are drawbacks to making your decision and that was the direction of the posts. Enjoy your purchase.

Ryszard. S Fri, 06/28/2013 - 16:37

To: Davedog... Is not like I belive or not to belive recommendation from B&H. My question on this forum was directed to folks who may have this particular microphones . And, I understand that everyone has his own preference even if own this particular microphones. At my first post I did not mention any particular application (please look again). What I was hoping for: is to find someone who have e865 and s1. And work with both of them to see the diferance. But look like my question was misunderstood. I got many answers who have nothing to do with my question. I understand that person from B&H has listening to both of them and he prefer Sennheiser, and that is OK with me. What I was wondering that some other people who have the same expiriance with this mic's share the same opinion. Or do they get to diferent conclusion after comparing this mic's. Any way, to answer my own question I will buy one of each, and see by my self what is the difference. I just not buy them at the same time (do to total cost) but in next 3 months I will have both of them.
To: moonbaby... Sir you may be a super expert, I'm only beginner but let me tell you something: there no such thing like microphones for PRO and microphones for Amateurs. You not need a mom's permission or special licence to buy any microphone. What you need is just a money, regardless of your audio expiriance.
Have a good day.

Ryszard. S Fri, 06/28/2013 - 19:14

Yes, most folks in Arkansas talk really funny, that what I was thinking when I moved to Arkansas from my previous place of residence. They ask me what I'm from? When I told them that I come from NJ. No one belive me, because no one could be as funny as Polish dude. And I did come to Arkansas from New Jersey.

Davedog Sun, 06/30/2013 - 16:15

"Now I'm wondering: how much I rely on recomendation from B&H:confused:"

How do you know the person at B&H has EVER listened to either of the mics? How do you anyone here has? The right thing is to buy both and compare. Thats the best thing you have said.

For what its worth, microphones of this type and style NO MATTER WHICH MANUFACTURER demonstrate certain characteristics. And the posts reflect that.

Ryszard. S Mon, 07/01/2013 - 07:13

To: Davedog... Of cause I don't know do the person from B&H was ever listened to either of this mic. And for them do not matter which mice I will buy. They just give me an answer only because I ask them a question. Should I relly on this answer? as much as on my ex-wife . Nothing like try by yourself. Even if someone have both of them his answer will be not 100% reliable due to personal preference. What could differ from my preference. So key words is: BUY AND TRY ;-)