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Sennheiser K6 not working with Phantom P.

Bought an ME66 capsule and the K6 power module was still attached when it arrived.
I popped in a battery, and it worked great but heard hum, switched to phantom and got nothing but hum, no signal.
I know about the screw grounding issue, and fixed the hum right away, now battery is crisp and phantom is just silent. Swapped out for my other K6, and the ME66 worked on both battery and phantom power, so I know it's this used K6.

Before i request a quote from Sennheiser service, has anyone seen this and have a solution/suggestion I can look into?

Sennheiser ME66 Popping During Takes

Hey everyone,

So I recently ran into a serious issue while on a location shoot.

I've never had any signal issues with any of my mics before, but for some reason, I've been getting a strange, periodic popping sound on my ME66. I have it plugged into channel one of my Tascam DR-680 and the other channels are usually taken up by my Sennheiser G3s.

First look at Sennheiser HD380

They're here and they're on my head. They sound nice and flat. Boy, they're hot on my ears. That will remind me to take regular breaks, if only to cool down. I'm trying out different reference mixes I'm familiar with to get used to them.

I'm using my MacBook Pro audio output A/B against my AudioBox USB headphone out. So far I haven't heard a difference – this seems odd. I'll give it more time.

Will RODE WSVM windsock fit snugly on a Sennheiser 416?

I'm told by the Sennheiser distributor there are currently no stocks of 416 windsocks. RODE 's WSVM accessory windsock, compatible with the NTG1 & 2 and Videomic according to their website, looks like it might fit. However they don't seem to sell one compatible with the NTG3 which I gather is their direct competition to the 416. Anyone happen to have a 416 & an NTG1, 2 or Videomic and can tell me if the windsocks are swappable?

Help with Possible Sennheiser 421 Problem

Hi all and thanks in advance for your help!

I just purchased a used Sennheiser 421-U5 off fleabay (I know, what can I say?). It works, but it sounds like it might not be 100% ok. I have a little bit of experience with other 421s and know that they take a fair amount of gain normally, but this one seems to need even a little more and then the sound is a bit thin and brittle on the top. I've compared it to a 421-U4 we have at work and it definitely sounds thinner than that one.

Sennheiser ME66 problems

Hi i was loaned out a Sennheiser ME66 Shotgun mic from my work. The mic was working fine until the mic stopped picking up audio normally. We checked the XLR and the camera and another shotgun mic and the ME66 was the problem. You can hear someone if they talk into the front of the mic but it sounds like a whisper. if i put on the windscreen the audio levels on the camera will rise but nothing else once i finish putting it on. Did i blow a fuse or something in the microphone?

Mackie monitors or Sennheiser headphones?

I'm trying to do the best I can to monitor and mix my own stuff with a really low budget. I can't afford more than $200 right now, and I'm working in an untreated room. Through craigslist, I have the choice of a pair of Mackie MR5s or a pair of Sennheiser 598 headphones. They're the same price. Any recommendations?

By the way, this is for the short term, while I work to save up for room treatment and some Adam A7s. In the meantime, I need decent mixes.



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