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I just bought a Samson G-track USB Microphone and was testing it with the included Sonar LE software. In my opinion there was a lot of noise when I listened to some of my voise tests. I tried different settings on the mic volume control. Up untill half power there's noice. At a volume of 3/4 the recorded sound easily gets too loud when singing too close to the mic and that ruins the sound.

Does anyone have the same problem with their Samson G-track? Is the noise level supposed to be that high? I've watched clips from youtube and the quality was way better.

I use Windows 7 by the way.


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anonymous Mon, 01/25/2010 - 13:33

It seems like such a simple device. It's all internal within the mic and it plugs into the USB. If there's a problem, I don't see how it could really be anywhere besides inside the mic itself. Try a different computer if you can, just on the off chance that your USB port isn't supplying the right power requirements (unlikely). I never looked that closely at the device itself (but like the idea of pulling phantom power off the USB port), but there aren't many options on that sucker, is there? Is there a pad filter that's on maybe?

Beyond that, I can't think of much else that would be wrong except maybe for a driver issue. Maybe check for newer drivers?


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