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USB Audio Interface with SPDIF

I have a trusty old Apogee Mini-Me pre-amp/compressor with drivers that don't work with anything beyond Windows XP.

For a time, I got away with using it via SPDIF  through my trusty old Egosys U2A - it's a cheap little USB Audio Interface which amazingly has both optical and SPDIF ins and outs and cost me less than $100 about a hundred years ago. (I know! Right?)

Why no audio being played through MOTU 8pre USB even though the meters on Logic and iTunes are blazing.

I recently got a new MOTU 8pre interface. It has been working in spite of having to reconfigure the Optical In and Out everytime I startup. I have no ADATS or anything optical between the 8pre and the USB port on the back of my iMac.

Behringer X1222usb help

I recently purchased the Behringer X1222usb mixer and need some help. I run a podcast and cannot get audio from online videos to record to my daw. I can hear the audio coming through the mixer, and my mic signal is recorded fine. Is it possible with this mixer to record audio from both microphone and online video with this mixer?

1080p cameras that record audio via USB interface?

Title says it all.

I did quite some googling, starting out with finding out which cameras record uncompressed PCM audio. Some do, some don't, so I thought that there should be a way. Since I want to use semi-professional microphones (RODE NT with NT45O capsules) to record my piano playing, the regular 3,5mm microphone jack on a camera is not an option.

Copy elicenser to another usb pen

I've noticed my official pen is breaking apart and looks a little bent. I'm assuming I've knocked it when arsing around with my pc. The pen works but I would rather not risk its longevity so I'm wondering if I can copy it to something like a kingston/SanDisk pen? You can get official pens but £20 seems a tad high for what it does.

USB, AES/EBU,HDMI together?

I need to run at least 2 boosted USB, 2- 8Channel AES and a DVI-D (or possibly an HDMI instead) cables together in about 30-35' of PVC.

Will this create issues like crosstalk, inductance, speed reduction, clicks, clocking issues, bandwidth reduction, RF and other things I may not be aware of?

USB: 1. Houston Controller to/fro MAC
2. Pure 2 ADDA to/fro PC


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