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Weird background noise with hyperx quadcast usb mic

Hello everyone
I'm new to this site and to audio recordings so i hope your bear with me on this one.
I'm aware of background noise in recordings since i started recording with my hyperx quadcast usb mic and didn't have any problems getting rid of it in adobe audition. I switched to an XLR mic, the RODE podmic with Scarlett solo 3rd gen interface and encountered a weird background noise nothing like i had heard before.

I'm wondering if there's anything wrong with my setup and i'm hoping you could help me figure this thing out.

USB Mic Question

We're offering some guitar lessons via webcam for customers. It's not your typical setup where the teacher is sitting in front of his computer and webcam at his desk. The teacher is sitting on a chair in front of a backdrop. About 5-6 feet in front of him is a TV screen sitting on top of a table, that is connected to the computer on the other side of the room so that he can see and hear the person at the other end of the call on that screen and through the TV's internal speaker. I attach the webcam to the top of the TV, and use a long USB cable to connect it to the computer.

Getting the best out of APOGEE Jam, USB Mic and GARAGEBAND


I am new to the world of recording and learning about all the gear. I want to know if there is anything I can do to make my guitar sound fuller/louder and with more life running through Apogeejam into garageband. It can sound a little tinny to me it just feels like it needs a boost. I know that the JAM is a preamp, but If i hooked it up with another preamp or some kind of DI box would it give me this boost I desire? I have a USB mic, the Samson C03U can anything be done with this to give it that boost and life?

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

So I bought this one for 80 USD on ebay because I wanted to get clearer sound on my recordings and I figured the wireless headset I was using would not cut it. Turns out whenever I tried to record with that one, you could hear a humming noise in the backgrounds but I can still hear it when I use this new microphone. I thought it was the room I was in so I switched to another more quiet one and it was still there. I tried to check the gain and additional decibel settings on Windows > Control Panel > Sound but it all seemed to be vain.

USB Mic for vocals

Hi All,

I'm just looking to get started in home recording and was looking for some input on a Mic. As far as software goes, my friend has what is needed on his laptop so we've got the basics, we just now need the Microphone to get us going.

I was looking for an opinion on USB Mic's -

Samson C03


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