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I read about it here somewhere. I tried every kind of search with many combinations of what I thought were the key words but I can't find it! I kinda remember it but I want to have the original for reference. I want to try it at a session soon. Just as a side note I remember Niko Bola had 3 mics set up in Steve Jordan's loft in what I believe was a similar configuration. Coincidence?


Guest Mon, 04/16/2001 - 05:50

Hi Mac, and thanks Curve for posting the link. First, I didn't invent the stuff, carrier of the torch perhaps, but I didn't start this stuff.

The drums have to sound really good in the room, I actually suggest tuning them a bit "ringier" than you normally would. Ceiling height is another big one. Anything under about a 12 ft. [3 meter] ceiling height has a tendency to get boxy. You're often best off going over the drummers shoulder with a front mic, or with a stereo mic between "drummer's eye and tom level".

My suggestion is to get the Front of the Kit mic really happenin' first, then figure out what else you need to paint a nice sonic picture of the drum kit.

Oh, and don't get too frustrated too took me about 1/2 a dozen fuckups before it really started to get "right" for me...if you're used to working with a whole bunch of mics, it's pretty nerve racking the first couple times you mess with it.

Best of luck with it...please, let us know how it works out for you, and which techniques you used.

Guest Mon, 04/16/2001 - 19:55

Curve-Thank you for jumping in like that, saved me the pain in the ass of looking up the location of the article...also I thought I was going to be without internet access for a few days longer than I was...Mindscum finally got an access number that half works near my parents's a miracle of science.

As for drawing things and putting them on the web, there are two problems with that...the first, I can't draw for shit. The second, it changes a little bit here and there for every session.

What I'll try to do is take some photos next couple of gigs I do where I'm cutting drums and get Wiz (he does our site) to put them up on the site somewhere with audio files to go along with them.

I think there are some drum recording tracks that were done with Royer mics on the Royer demo disk CD...other than that, it's really just fuck with it until it thrills you.