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mic techniques

Vocal Normalization... Done In Mixing or Actual Mic Technique?

Pretty straight forward question... as I cut vocals, I often find that later phrases or phrases that descend to lower notes have a drop in relative volume and are hard to hear -- I've been creating volume envelopes to compensate, and I also know I can use limiters with threshold and ceiling settings or compressors to do something similar (just starting to do this)... but my question is --- is this how it's done? Or should I be developing an adaptive mic technique while singing ? I'm just not sure what the standard practice is. Is the need to normalize "normal"?

Creating Impulse Responses using MS Micing technique.

So, I sometimes use the SIR1 plugin for reverb (its free!). It takes impulse responses of different locations around the world to simulate reverb. You can even make your own, which I did. I took a pair of SDC's and recorded them in XY inside a giant staircase in my school. It sounds pretty cool.

To make a larger stereo-spread reverb, can I use the M/S technique? I just got a figure-8 ribbon. If I did this, could I just use the doubled side tracks (being flipped phase of course), or do I need the mid too? Or is it whatever I want?

Mic technique for piano, flute and bass flute?

I have been asked to make a stereo recording of a grand piano, flute and base flute in a small 'music room'. I have Neumann KM184s (matched pair), TML103, AKG 414s (matched pair), STC/Coles 4038. Will be using Nagra VI (4 mic channels). There will be no audience. Please can someone advise on mic placement. Many thanks, David

Blue Yeti microphone peaking


I'm currently trying to do some vocal recording with my new microphone (blue yeti - best mic I could afford etc etc).

My problem is I have a rather large voice (professional classical singer) and I'm not sure how to set hardware/software up so I don't peak as much while I try and record assorted pieces.

I'm using Adobe Audition with the Blue Yeti.

Any input or thought provoking questions would be helpful!

Thanks a ton