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mic techniques

Multiple Mic Techniques

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19 years 11 months
There have been several threads on this subject throughout time here at R.O. and I feel that it is an important subject as many are using or attempting to use multiple mics on single sources or in some cases, for example, a singer songwriter performance where you have two sources effecting two or more mics at a time.

Vocal Normalization... Done In Mixing or Actual Mic Technique?

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7 years 5 months
Pretty straight forward question... as I cut vocals, I often find that later phrases or phrases that descend to lower notes have a drop in relative volume and are hard to hear -- I've been creating volume envelopes to compensate, and I also know I can use limiters with threshold and ceiling settings or compressors to do something similar (just starting to do this)... but my question is --- is this how it's done? Or should I be developing an adaptive mic technique while singing ? I'm just not sure what the standard practice is. Is the need to normalize "normal"?

Creating Impulse Responses using MS micing technique.

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13 years 11 months
So, I sometimes use the SIR1 plugin for reverb (its free!). It takes impulse responses of different locations around the world to simulate reverb. You can even make your own, which I did. I took a pair of SDC's and recorded them in XY inside a giant staircase in my school. It sounds pretty cool.

To make a larger stereo-spread reverb, can I use the M/S technique? I just got a figure-8 ribbon. If I did this, could I just use the doubled side tracks (being flipped phase of course), or do I need the mid too? Or is it whatever I want?

mic recording techniques for drums

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18 years 6 months
I've got a hankering to try some three mic recording techniques for drums. Here's what I have to work with:

Room: 23' X 16' with 14' cathedral ceilings, copious OC703 and Ethan Weineresque bass traps
Drums: mid-range 80s era Tamas with nice high-end Zildjian cymbals and a bad-ass 60s Leedy snare
Mics: 2 X Peluso P12 tube mics, a Neumann U-89, lots of dynamic mics
Preamps: 2 X SCA A12 preamps (API clones), SCA N72 (Neve clone), Demeter HM-1 stereo tube pre

Mic technique for piano, flute and bass flute?

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10 years 7 months
I have been asked to make a stereo recording of a grand piano, flute and base flute in a small 'music room'. I have Neumann KM184s (matched pair), TML103, AKG 414s (matched pair), STC/Coles 4038. Will be using Nagra VI (4 mic channels). There will be no audience. Please can someone advise on mic placement. Many thanks, David

Microphone Techniques PDF

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21 years 2 months
This is a great Article by Shure it covers so many things.

Its called live sound techniques but a lot of this could also be a great help in the recording studio.

It covers things like Pick up patterns, Placement and even things like NAG Equations.

I'm in the middle of reading it now and i think it has some great stuff in here.

Have a read.