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Hello to everyone! A friend of mine just gave me two ck4 capsules and i wanna know what bodies do i need to make them works?

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moonbaby Fri, 06/09/2006 - 08:02

I had a couple of C451's (sadly stolen :( ) and the cardioid capsules they used were the CK-1. I think that the CK-4 MIGHT have been a variation on that, maybe a hyper-cardioid version (?). A quick check on the AKG home website doesn't list that model in the "discontinued" or "current" sections. In any case, the current C451 is not a modular mic, no screw-in capsules. That means that you are at the mercy of vintage used audio dealers...this could be a very expensive proposition if you decide to get these bodies (C451/452EB) for the capsules..


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