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AKG genuine CK12 Brass capsule: building DIY mic with a single Jfet-transistor

I have got discovered vintage AKG CK12 Brass capsule at home.

I would like to build a mic with this capsule and use a standard one-transistor Jfet circuit of ECM electret mics (common source either
source follower)...

Has anyone ever tried to wire such a large capsule with a single Jfet transistor ? Do you think this might work as a decent condenser mic ?

Thank you for the comments!

Interesting AKG 451 capsule Ebay purchase

I've been wanting an extra AKG 451 capsule for a while - been looking for an omni - I've got two cardioids and fancied an omni capsule. Been looking on Ebay for ages and one came up with the mic, but a really weird one - and from Denmark too!

The picture showed a 451, with the omni capsule, but an XLR female to male Tuschel connector, a small box with a Tuchel female, and on the other end . . a BNC socket. Complete with BNC to ¼" jack. I think this put people off, and I put a bid in for a realistic amount and got it.

How to repair Zoom h6 capsule?

Hi, my left stereo channel of the Zoom H6 capsule started with buzz sounds than it got worse with a hiss sound, then I opened it and realized that the cables was detached like in this picture I took today when I disassembled it.

can you tell me how to solder it please? If you can draw on the picture where to exactly solder the 2 cables I would be really grateful

AKG C451E and C460B with different capsules (CK1, CK1S, CK3, CK 61, CK22, CK62)

Hello, I'm new here and I don't know how much interest for this kind of stuff is there, but anyway: I did some comparisons between different combinations of AKG bodies and capsules; the file names are more or less self explaining.

460JW is Jim Williams moded 460B body, 460Stock is the stock body, and which capsule is attached you cen derive from the file name.

These are two different takes on a 7 string flamenco guitar, so one gets a pretty nice range of frequencies. There was also some buzz in the guitar which I purposedly left to see how the mics react.


The portion of a microphone that converts acoustic energy to electrical energy. Often includes shock mounts, acoustic isolators, protective covers and electronic circuitry in addition to the basic transducer. Also called an element.

RODE NT4 capsules

I've been reading various posts here that talk about the NT5. Then it's further mentioned that the NT55 is a better choice as it has the same omni capsules as used by the NT5 AND has a nice set of cardioid capsules. I've also read that the NT55 cardioid capsules are the same as on the NT4. Here is the question.

I have an NT4. Are the capsules on the NT5 removable? If so, and I bought a pair of them, would putting my NT4 capsules on the NT5 be the same (or at least similar) to having an NT55 (Not withstanding that the NT55 has various switching options)

B3 Capsules?

Hi To All!

It's been a while since I've posted. I have heard "B3 Capsules" in passing, from a couple of sound guys preping for a job. Can anyone tell me what they are referring too? Is this a microphone capsule?-- and if so to what mic and manufacturer?




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