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AKG genuine CK12 Brass capsule: building DIY mic with a single Jfet-transistor

I have got discovered vintage AKG CK12 Brass capsule at home.

I would like to build a mic with this capsule and use a standard one-transistor Jfet circuit of ECM electret mics (common source either
source follower)...

Has anyone ever tried to wire such a large capsule with a single Jfet transistor ? Do you think this might work as a decent condenser mic ?

Thank you for the comments!

AKG 451 plus CK-8 Short Shotgun

I read something today in the old products section of the AKG website on the old CK-8 capsule for the 451 preamp. I knew I had one of these inside a zepplin windshield in the store, but hadn't done anything much with it since I had other shotguns. What made me think was that AKG noted it's use on hand held vocals, where it was good at reducing popping. I pulled it out and discovered yes indeed it does seem to work. Then I wondered why, and started to discover things I'd not considered.

AKG 451E

I'm asking the aged brains here - I bought an old AKG 451E off ebay - clearly liquidated stock from a failed audio company - but mainly because 1. It was black and all mine are silver, and 2. it had the metal slide on basket windshield. From the pictures it had a CK1 cardioid capsule.

Interesting AKG 451 capsule Ebay purchase

I've been wanting an extra AKG 451 capsule for a while - been looking for an omni - I've got two cardioids and fancied an omni capsule. Been looking on Ebay for ages and one came up with the mic, but a really weird one - and from Denmark too!

The picture showed a 451, with the omni capsule, but an XLR female to male Tuschel connector, a small box with a Tuchel female, and on the other end . . a BNC socket. Complete with BNC to ¼" jack. I think this put people off, and I put a bid in for a realistic amount and got it.

Effective windshields for AKG 451/CK1

I've got a pair of AKG 451s and they're great for music but they're pretty prone to pop and blasting from voices in close. I need to use one on a singer shortly for visual reasons really - extension tube and it looks great - BUT this singer I know is a bit prone to moving in a bit close. What I'm looking for is some kind of windshield but it must be small and visually invisible (or close) a bit of foam that doesn't jump out might do? Has anyone seen anything suitable?

AKG A-51 swivel (knuckle joint) for C451/CK1 etc...

I'm looking intensly for an AKG A51 swivel joint to mount CK1 on C451 bodies angled from the axis...

Seems to be difficult to get these days (I don't know why so many companies discontinue their cool stuff!)

If you happen to have one in good working order and would like to sell it, please contact me...

best regards

AKG C451E and C460B with different capsules (CK1, CK1S, CK3, CK 61, CK22, CK62)

Hello, I'm new here and I don't know how much interest for this kind of stuff is there, but anyway: I did some comparisons between different combinations of AKG bodies and capsules; the file names are more or less self explaining.

460JW is Jim Williams moded 460B body, 460Stock is the stock body, and which capsule is attached you cen derive from the file name.