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Hello everyone,
Im redoing a recording studio and i happen to but event 20/20v2 monitors. The amp that was working in the studio with the old monitors is a technics SE-9060. very old unit, but still in good shape. Only problem is the paperwork seems to have been lost by the previous owners and I'm a little scared of hooking these speakers up mostly because the nominal imput impedance of each one is 4ohms and the amps load impedance is 8ohms.
I was wondering if anybody knew anything about this unit to see if A) my speakers will work with the amp B) they won't C) maybe if my speakers were wired in series, that would add up to 8 ohms, right? or D) i have no clue whats going on.
Any info on this unit is desperately needed seeing as it is the only thing keeping me from wiring up the rest of my studio. I apreciate any feedback, thank you

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