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Digi 003 Controller- Issues with power sequence- Too Many Relay Clicks

This baby came in for a little inspection this week. The owner was worried that it was a ticking time bomb, as the start sequence would randomly take longer some days and not others. He mentioned, when cold, the unit could take 7-to 15 relay clicks to start. When warm and operating normally he would hear 3-5 relay clicks.

Using Phantom Power through a Yamaha Q2031 analog EQ

Hello, I need help figuring out if I can do something or not without breaking anything. I got my nephew an M-Audio AIR 192|4 audio interface that came with a condenser mic that requires phantom power to work. He uses to produce some decent stuff, and I'm getting him a Yamaha Q2031 31 band analog EQ to use with it this year.

No phantom power from Scarlett Solo 1st gen


I just bought an AKG P220 and wanted to try recording with my Focusrite Scarlett solo. But I don't get any sound from it. When I connect my Shure SM58, the recording works just fine. The 48V switch is on. And the Scarlett is connected via a USB hub which also has its own power supply.

Can be the problem in the XLR cable?

Using a power amp/mixer as just a power amp for a mixing console?

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but I couldn't find a better one. I was hoping someone could clarify some questions I have about setting up a PA system for my home studio. I recently acquired a Peavey XM6 amplifier/mixer and we've been running it through an 80 watt Behringer wedge. We have a set of Yamaha PA speakers that are on their way this week.

I need help with Phantom Power and Mics!


I'm looking at purchasing my first condenser microphone. I currently already own a mixer that I was planning on using with the mic that I buy, this mixer is an Alto ZMX52 however I'm having a big issue deciding which Microphone to buy due to phantom power. The mixer I currently have has an 18v Phantom power output and a lot of the microphones I'm looking at require a 48v supply.