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Hey Guys,

I was wondering if anyone has used this mic, or owns this mic. I was wondering how it sounds, and if it is an just overall good mic. Im only 17 and I have just enough money to buy it. I have been using Shure sm58s for vocals and they are good but I want better. If anyone has a .mp3 file with the AT 4040 being used could you please let me hear it? Thanks a lot guys, take it easy.



anonymous Mon, 11/07/2005 - 06:44

I own two of the 4040 microphones and think they are quite nice. They've worked pretty nicely the couple of times I've used them for vocals, though I wouldn't expect them to work for every voice (though this goes without saying for any mic). I've also used them as drum overheads, acoustic/electric guitar mics, room mics, and on saxophone with pretty good results across the board. There's quite a bit of good feedback on these mics on this forum and I think it serves quite well as a multi-purpose microphone.

anonymous Mon, 11/07/2005 - 07:41

I've used them quite a bit in the past and i highly reccomend them for rock vocals. It has a way of really bringing out lower and mid vocal ranges( especially raspinness). I agree with using them as drum overheads, i have also done this and have gotten good sound. I think regardless if you are on a budget, its good mic to have.

Cucco Mon, 11/07/2005 - 09:16

I don't know of any mic for even twice its price that is worth what the 4040 is. It is an excellent mic, well made and not hyped (no excessive frequency peaks - or too much advertising, so "not hyped" in either context. There is a minor resonance between 5kHz and 15kHz, but not the traditional HUGE High Frequency Bump common amongst poor quality vocal microphones)

They work well on a variety of vocals, on overheads, orchestral microphones, guitars, toms, kick drum (outside a few inches to feet), and much, much more.

It doesn't sound much like the 4050, which people often compare it to. It is different but very good. The 4050 is also an excellent mic, but a different flavor.

If this is your first mic purchase, you will be pleased. It should be an excellent learning tool that will continue to work for you for years to come.

J. 8-)