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audio technica at4040

Weird static all of a sudden from AT4040

I've been using an AT4040 for years and then all of a sudden yesterday it started giving me this really weird and loud static. I tried swapping out the cable, but still the same result. I tried another condensor and that one worked fine through the same cable, pre and interface.

Here is a recording:

Any ideas?

Audio-Technica AT4040 or Blue Bluebird?

Im putting together a home studio and already picked out everything that Im getting. For mics Im gonna start my future collection with a Shure SM58 and Beta 58, but I know eventually Im going to want some condensers as well. So, I was wondering if you had to pick between the AT4040 or Bluebird, which would you pick?

AT4040 vrs AT 4050 vrs Studio Projects T3

Hey everyone, been researching this last night and today.

The AT 4050 seems cool but I already have a multipattern mic(AKG perception 400)... so my main question is, is the 4040 the same thing just without multiple pickup patterns?

Plus, what is the general opinion of the T3 vrs the AT mics?


edit: by the way, with any luck I am going to be running whichever of these mics I choose through a UA LA-610.

HELP! Problem with clicks w/ Audio-Technica AT4040 Microphon


I own an AT8040 condenser mic and have recently encountered a problem with clicks at 1-3 hz (approx), which are intermittent, but quite annoying. To isolate the problem, I kept the same signal chain and just swapped out different mics, which confirmed that source as the AT4040.

Does anyone have suggestions on what could be the problem?
Have I somehow fried something in the circuitry of the mic?

Thanks very much!

CAD M179 vs. MXL V67i vs. AT4040

CAD M179
MXL V67i

I am looking to buy 2 condensers to record overheads but will also work decent for vox. How would a pair of one of those mics work spaced? xy?

What about the recorderman technique? Large diaphram mics work allright for this application, or are small diaphrams better? If so, how do they work on vocals? Not as warm, am I right?

preamp choices for AT4040

Hi. I'm wondering what would be a nice complement to this mic, as I'm recording mainly a female soloist. Her voice is not very prone to sybillance, though she has a soft medium to high-pitched voice. I'm trying to achieve a smooth full sound, but not an unnatural one.
I'm wondering if a Sebatron 1000 would be a good choice, or perhaps a Great River ME-1NV. I've "kindova" discarded the Grace 101 for this application, beeing it so neutral.
I really wouldn't want to change the mic, I've just aquired it, as it came across 2nd hand at a ridiculous price.

AT4040 vs. Studio projects C1

Hey all, i've been lurking around for a while and need some opinions
I'm buying equipment to record myself singing and playing guitar (for guitars it'll just be sm57- acoustic n electric)
The ones i've been looking at are Studio projects C1 and Audio technica AT4040... I'm poor so it can't be more than $300
I'm goin to be using it with a Focusrite saffire (that i'm buying soon too) in a non-treated bedroom (pretty quiet though, i'll be recording late at night)