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Hi, I am trying to have a hook to a song sound crowd-like, but it is out of my vocal range, and Im guessing it will also be out of the vocal range of friends who I'll recruit to record it with me. It is like a screaming/chant, with a pretty high note at the end. I'm wondering, if I combine all of the "bad singers" together, can I end up achieving a good sound when the vocals are all put together, high note and all? Also, how many people would I need to make this work, and would it be better to record them individually are together? Thanks a lot for the help!

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audiokid Sun, 04/02/2017 - 16:43

just get a sample of this. Simple and done. What you are trying to do will sound like crap in comparison to sampling something. Go on youtube, starting looking for crowds. Sample something with a crowd in mind. Keep a record of where you got it so when you get rich and famous, you can pay whomever did it originally. If they are too hard to deal with, it won't matter because you will have the money to buy an actual library of free samples that will have hundreds of crowds to choose from.