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What's up with the weak singers trend ?

Hi gang,

Yeah I just got fed up with too many youtube videos of weak signers in my feed.
What I mean is good pitch be not pushing the notes and not even opening the mouth correctly and sounding like falseto all the time ...
Is it me who is out of touch or is it just not how to properly sing..
I mean with no PA they could not even sing to a fire

Can A Group Of Bad Singers Sound Good Together?

Hi, I am trying to have a hook to a song sound crowd-like, but it is out of my vocal range, and Im guessing it will also be out of the vocal range of friends who I'll recruit to record it with me. It is like a screaming/chant, with a pretty high note at the end. I'm wondering, if I combine all of the "bad singers" together, can I end up achieving a good sound when the vocals are all put together, high note and all? Also, how many people would I need to make this work, and would it be better to record them individually are together? Thanks a lot for the help!

4 mics, good singers and you get this

We read constantly about tiny tweaks the need for mega mics, the need for exotic treatment and how multiple mics in a room colour the sound etc etc. Then you hear stuff like this and it just goes out the window. 4 mics in the right place, good singers and a brilliant arrangement.

Recording operatic singers

This one seemed not to get posted - hope its not still being moderated - apologies if so.
Hi all

I would like to record a bass singer, there will be a piano. I wanted to record live. I have only 1 microphone currently which is a Audio Tech 33a. I can buy 2 cheap condenser mics to complete the setup, these will all go into my little mixing desk which has 48v PP.

How do you find a singers frequency range?

So how do you find a singers frequency range and purchase/match a mic to their voice. For example I'm a lyric tenor, I have a lot of upper partials. Also, I have a lot of reverberation because of my classical training. What do I look for in a mic and is there a way to try before I buy?

Additionally, I am only going to record my voice, everything else I had plans to record direct. Is there any way to record my voice with decent control of room sound even if my room isn't sound proofed (I live in an apartment).

singers/musicians in the studio

Can anyone tell me how to make the most of studio time?

I mean, if there are any producers out there reading this, what is it that bugs them about singers? Obviously I need to come in knowing the songs inside out, but is there anything else I can do to make it seamless? What would you guys appreciate?

I'll just be singing over pre-recorded songs (but if you want to post advice for people coming in with instruments too that's fine by me, as I'll be doing so another time :)

Going next week!

Ear & hearing protection for singers

What recommendation does anyone have for singers' ear protection during weekly rehearsals and practices?

Ear plugs purchased from places like Guitar Center as well as the regular industrial ones really throw me off because I'm hearing so much more "head voice", if you know what I mean, but the room is loud even though we keep the volume levels low so I need something. I've looked into the Westone wireless ear monitors and their regular ear plugs but am concerned they'll give me the same problem and they are expensive.



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