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Here’s a tune I wrote and recorded. I’d prefer to have the instrumental parts be done by a fiddle, but need to track someone down for that first.

In any case, just looking for general feedback/tips on the mixing and not necessarily the performance. I always feel I can’t quite get my mixes to sound right, especially the vocals. I play 99% bluegrass. In this mix I haven’t added any reverb or any effects like that. Just a little bit of EQ mostly to dampen some strong notes from my upright bass and then a little bit of compression on the vocal and rhythm guitar tracks.


kmetal Tue, 10/22/2019 - 14:21

Good performances which is most important.

I hear some mild issues with the recording. The backups sound a little harsh in the upper mid range. This is likely due to "stacking" the takes using the exact same mic, pre, location in the room, and possibly mix settings. This causes a buildup of frequencies, and masking. It may make you boost or cut excessively to make things audible, because things are competing, as opposed each part having its own pocket in the mix.

The solution to this is to use different mics, pres, and settings for different elements of the recording. If you dont have options, use different mic placement and different rooms or location in the room. The idea is to give each element its own identity within the mix.

Ditto for rythym and lead guitars.

pcrecord Fri, 10/25/2019 - 16:28

Ok, I finally got time to listen to in in the studio.. sorry for the delay..
I find a bit disturbing to hear the bass on the side instead of centered.. and it kinda have to much low mids..
At some places the bass overpower the vocals.. this should be addressed.
All in all, good job !! Feel free to post revisions.. it's always nice to follow the evolution ! ;)