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I know many of you are on the new logic, I hope to get a mac in the near future. I would think the busing works the same still. Anyway, I'm trying to understand the signal flow. I had a few questions, but it's kind of difficult to ask.

So right now I'm bringing in a M1 LX multi effects unit via an Auxiliary. Inputs 5-6 are where it comes in from my audio interface, then it goes out to 1-2. NOTE: I don't know why I have to specify an output (in my case 1-2) in the auxiliary if the bus is bring the wet signal into the channel I'm applying it to? Channels have their own outputs. That's my first question.

Regarding the bus: the bus only has one place to select an input. In this case it's displayed as outputs. So this output section must be the audio interface's outputs. So when I increase the bus level on the audio channel, is it safe to say that logic is sending the channel signal to the auxiliary (which is where the effects unit is connected) then that wet signal comes back/ and is mixed into the audio track?

I understand the concept of routing, but I don't understand where and to what the signals are being routed without some kind of visual diagram.

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