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Hi boys and girls, 

Hope you are all well ! 

Yet another video about Magix products... 

This one will surely help to had some mojo to tracks or masters.

Let me know what you think !

Magix colorFX Tape Machine

Tape saturation produces more overtones in louder signals and can even be pushed to distortion. Subtle variations in pitch give tape recordings more vibrancy. Tape speed and tape head mechanism amplify selective frequencies in the bass range, creating greater warmth. colorFX Tape Machine combines the virtues of analog technology with digital efficiency and flexibility. Ideal for the fine-tuning of sound and dynamics in mastering and for the colorful editing of individual instruments and vocals. All colorFX include professional visualization aids for input and output such as peak level or RMS value.

Read more: https://www.magix.c…- plugin -union/colorfx-suite/

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