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HELP - Digitizing ADAT sVHS Tapes

Hello, hopefully someone here knows the answer to my question.

I'm currently digitizing sVHS tapes using JVC VHS player, together with 'Elgato Video Capture' software.

I'm having the same consistent problems with all the tapes that say "ADAT" on them. All of them do not have any picture or sound. Tape is spinning, but 'No Signal' keep blinking on the screen.

Recording Music Using a Multitrack Reel-to-Reel Tape Recorder

The subject of our next webinar, on aspects of tape and reel-to-reel recorders, is recording using a multitrack tape recorder. From 4 to 24 tracks tape is back in the studio, so we at Reel Resilience thought we'd better talk about it! More information about the webinar, who we are at Reel Resilience and how to book, can be found here.

Tone Empire Plugins released Reelight Pro (Tape Saturation and Compressor)

The invention of digital audio recordings liberated sound engineers in many ways which were not possible in the analog era. Even with all the tools at one’s fingertips, musicians and engineers sorely missed the sound and sonics of earlier recordings. The magic that the recording mediums imparted by default and one which was taken for granted.

Tascam ATR-60 8 track - Good price? And help to understand (missing manuals)

Hi folks,

this is my first thread here after soooo much reading of this supercool forum! I hope that the thread will be helpful for other people too.

I want to buy my first multitrack - accually on 70% I bought it - I made a deal with a seller and I have one week for change my mind. It is Tascam ATR 60 8 tape recorder with: (see attached pics)

Yamaha MC2404 to record to various tape decks

Hi, new here. Question about recording. I am all analog. Using a Yamaha MC2404 as my main console with various inputs. Live mics for my daughters band, various tape decks and turntable for music input. I want to connect this mixer to another one to use as a recording console. I have a Yamaha MC802 Fostex 450 and a Behringer SL2442FX and want to record to various tape decks and CD.

What is the sound difference between different tape formats?

Years ago I was fortunate enough to record a few songs using a professional reel-to-reel machine. It was an Otari MTR-90 2 inch 24 track. I have since used high quality converters from RME, Lynx, and Apogee. Although, they were all extremely adequate "especially the Lynx", they never seemed to give me the same realistic top-end or BIG sound that the Otari recorder did.