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Hi folks - I'm a new member here and want to say thank you for having me. My bandmates and I are beginning to mix a few of the tunes on our new CD and I'd greatly appreciate any constructive criticism. I'm open-minded to any comments you may have on any/all 3 of these mixes. Thank you in advance.

For what it's worth, these were recorded onto a Tascam DP-24SD and edited in Garageband with a few plugins. CLA Drums, CLA Vocals, Cytomic "The Glue" and "LoudMax" limiter.


Crowder Tue, 04/11/2017 - 10:06

Hey man! I'm new here too and will be looking for some mix notes on the solo record I'm currently working on, so I'll give you my two cents and bump the thread up in the process.

I think you've got a reasonable blend of all the elements in the band, and the performances are good. There's plenty of width and clarity.

It sounds really dry to me. That may be an artistic decision or maybe it's an oversight. I think it works much better on the mid-tempo song I'm hearing at 10:00 or sounds sorta 90's flavored, like Del Amitri or similar. The harder rocking stuff seems overly dry. Maybe use some reverb or delay to move the drums back from the rest of the band a bit. Those full-band stops near the end could be more exciting with some delay trails or something. Listen to a few of your favorite albums and try to hear how they use space around certain elements and maybe not so much with others.

The other thing I notice is that all of the elements are mixed pretty in much the same level relationship to one another all the way through. This is not unusual in a self-produced band release because it's done democratically. The drummer wants every lick to be heard clearly in the mix, the bassist wants that, the acoustic guitarist wants that...pretty soon it's TOO fair. It gets kind of tiring to listen to because there's no movement or excitement. The only thing that changes from moment to moment is whatever the instrumentalists play.

So think about trying to add some interest by doing overall volume drops on the verses and letting the choruses get the full volume treatment. Or double the guitars on the choruses. Something to break the monotony.

pcrecord Tue, 04/11/2017 - 16:41

audiokid, post: 449461, member: 1 wrote: I like your song and direction.

Same here. Nice new pic btw Chris ;)

The drum isn't on time at many places. (specially around fills) (was it recorded after the fact ?)
I agree the the ride and HH are too loud. The crashes are ok most of the time except on the last punches of the 3rd song where the mute seems to fail and leave irritating harmonics, they should mute better..
I love the vocal of the first song but it could be more on top of the band.. vocal on second song seems over compressed and also can be more up front and clearer.
The vocal is better placed on the 3rd song.
The electric guitars and bass share too many frequencies and it becomes vague and in the 3rd song the low end is a mess. (an effect pedal on the bass ?? )
I'd like the solos to be in the middle not on the right channel.

I like the songs very much.
In general they need to be a bit thighter (tempo wise) and I'd like to hear each elements without being masked by the others.

Good job and thanks for sharing.. please poste revisions if you make changes !


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