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Looking for advice on SV-3800 DAT to PC transfers

The Panasonic SV-3800 has coax digital out, optical Out, AES XLR out and balanced analog XLR left and right outputs. We currently are able to use the analog outputs and bring them into our Soundcraft Ui24R.

Need advice for recording rock vocals


Greetings all,

I got an Apollo Twin MKII Solo (all stock plugins) running into a Shure SM7B with a Trace Audio mod (+25dB clean boost) and my mic is inside a Kaotica 7B since I can't really treat this place well.  I can do that after we buy a house but for here, I need to occupy as little space as possible.

iPad advice for multitrack recording

I am considering getting an iPad mostly for recording guitar.

My question, for those who multitrack on their iPads, What should I place more importance on...
The more powerful iPad Air (64gb) or the storage space of the regular iPad (128gb) ?
(Air/256gb and the Pros are out of my price range).

Will I just keep filling up the storage on a 64GB ?

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Mix and mastering advice

We just finished an album recording in a home studio using pro tools.

the album has bee mixed and mastered by our engineer.

we are overall happy with it ... but feel that it is missing something. What that is we aren’t sure but it lacks that ‘finished’ or ‘radio ready’ feel that commercial releases have.

Learn about Sound design advice/ course..?

Hi there,

I've been recording music for a couple of years now, mainly focused on indie/rock-music, so it has all been about recording acoustic instruments or amps with mics and the mixing process after. (Basic work with cutting, overdubbing and the editing after with compressors, reverbs, delays) mostly with Cubase and pro tools.

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