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this is my new prog/thrash metal band. our first recording. no vox yet still looking or someone.
what did I do right? what needs help?

guitars recorded with vox tonelab le direct to computer.
bass is runing DI from acoustic b200h amp.
drummer uses roland electric drums and toontracks drum kit from hell.


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DonnyThompson Mon, 04/04/2016 - 00:13

Mix aside, which I think is fine, BTW, the first thing I noticed is that the performances aren't locked. I'm not a huge metal fan, but I do know this: Thrash metal, when played well, is TIGHT.
You've gotta tighten up those triplets between guitars, bass and drums. Right now everything is coming down at different times.
Listen to the section at :40 and then compare that to :01 to :038 - the section at :40 is much tighter, and is how the other sections should be locked-in.

Some push-pull is to be expected, and is even fine - but you have to do that together as a band. Having the guitars/bass hitting the down early or late against the kick/snare is really distracting.

My two cents.

kmetal Mon, 04/04/2016 - 11:45

Yup tighten up that drum kit, bass and guitars. Razor sharp is the norm for this type of stuff. The leads are good. Also maybe pick a snare sound that is a bit bigger, but still nice and tight like the one there. Maybe some more compression and limiting on the bass, and a little presence boost , and a cut in the lows.

Also I'm not sure if your using the neck pickups for the rythym guitars, but I would suggest switching to the bridge pickups if you are.

Ive edited kick hits manually one by one, no grid, for a death metal ep, to help it get its point across. Then snare guitars bass and vocals. All one by one, for a 25 min death metal ep. Must have been hundred thousand notes/edits? Who knows.

Either way unless your going for an intentionally old school or garage or live sound, performance has to be savagely tight. Whether by editing, or performaning or both, that's just how the genre is.

Basically in almost all commercial records the bass guitar and kick are locked, and hit exactly right at the same time (or in the same relative grove) the whole time, without fail. So whenever the kick and bass are playing a note at the same time, it's dead on. That keeps things clean and tight, and helps define some space for things. Sonically the bass would probably want some less low end, in exchange for some 800-5k presence boost. Keeps the bottom octave clean for the kick an a little low from the bass supporting it and bam. Add some more compression to help keep the notes consistent.

You'll notice a huge improvement just from locking the kick and bass.

transmothra Mon, 04/04/2016 - 22:47

Not sure what kind of cymbal that is around :30, :38, :42, 2:10, etc, but to me it sounds bloody awful. Everything else sounds fine so far. There are some bits where the band isn't locked as tight as they could be, as noted above, but that's not really my thing so i can't really contribute honestly in that regard. Really, i only hate the cymbals. I want them to be brighter and less like warped trash can lids. Other than that i like the sound.

Black hills gu… Tue, 04/05/2016 - 19:24

thank you so much for your input y'all.
we are currently working on tightening up our playing. after that was pointed out we all talked about it and found that the bass tends to be late and one guitar tends to be early and my guitar is early in parts and late in others. mostly its the triplets that get us as a whole.

we are trying for a more old school thrash metal sound in part (as far as being somewhat loose) but we also want to show a bit more polish and that should come with more practice (we have only been playing as a group for about a month n a half)

I also edited the bass for more presence and less lowend it helps a lot.

I will post the update when we get it tight.