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I decided to scramble my old albums by remixing and rearranging everything. Over the years, my underlying philosophy to any release was: I got enough done to put out a new collection. Not much thought beyond that went into it. 

So I'm remixing w/ new tools, and I'm cannibalizing old albums for new flow and continuity in overarching cohesive concept. It's not like I sold so many that anyone will notice much, but for posterity's sake, I'd like to leave a body of work that makes more sense than "It got done at a certain time."

... it's almost like a greatest hits collection w/o any greatest hits.


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benhj Fri, 01/20/2023 - 01:53

To my ears, this seems very well produced. There's something a bit odd about the bass guitar sound though. I think it might be the sliding glissando effect after many of the individually played notes. If that's inentional, fine! I just found it a bit odd given my own personal tastes. Is it synthesized?



kevinwhitect Wed, 02/08/2023 - 10:53

audiokid wrote:
Hi Kevin, tried to listen but the link produced a Dead link. "This track was not found. Maybe it has been removed


Hey bud! My bad. I changed the file - and misnamed the link to it. It should work now!