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Slave - Grunge Song

Hi all,

Wrote and recorded this grunge song with a heavy AIC influence yesterday. Made a remix and tweek this morning with fresh ears. Feedback on the mix and song is most welcome:


(Words by Jonathan Linton, Music by Jonathan Linton)


I’m on the road
To insanity
My only friend
Turned against me
No care at all
For life expectancy
Nothing can fix
Doomed destiny

I crawl
I fall
In your arms
It’s you I crave
Like a slave
Like a slave

Trapped in a hole
Of emptiness
Grim reaper stands
In readiness
No longer highs
Its only lows
Another fix
Then comatose

I crawl
I fall
In your arms
It’s you I crave
Like a slave
Like a slave


I am your slave…….
(I am your slave)
It’s you I crave
Closer to my grave…….
(Closer to my grave)
The path you pave
I am your slave……
(I am your slave)



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Link555 Fri, 04/26/2019 - 21:41

Very cool.... I think it's sounds like the 90's! Well done. I really like the guitars, the bass sits well. I would have like a bit more definition on the kick, and fade out was bit sudden feeling. But very minor quibbles...really liked it.

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kmetal Sun, 04/28/2019 - 15:32

This mix sounds very good. My minor critiques based on my phone (grain of salt disclaimer) are 2. The guitars seem just a hair loud. And id consider using a clear dynamic eq (waves f6) or multiband compressor (fabfilter MB) to just graze the upper mids on the vocals maybe a 5k center freq. The vocals get just a hair strident on some lines, frequency wise.

Anyway other than that, another enjoyable offer from you @Jonathan Linton well done.

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stevie_m Tue, 05/14/2019 - 21:02

This is truly outstanding. I can't even come up with any nitpicks. Great solo too (perfomance-wise). I miss this type of melodic rock. Too much vapid scream-metal now with all these millennials (which I am one), which I don't understand. The melodic, harmonized vocals sound great. You have a finished mix here. Are you guys a professional band? Was this professionally mixed at all?

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DogsoverLava Thu, 06/13/2019 - 11:59

Nice Jonathan sounds pretty in the pocket for the genre and the influences you cite. It's a good song too with some great turns - I would have wanted something a little more dramatic in the guitar solo for my taste -- this one sounded very cautious and almost unnecessary there as it didn't really lift the track or prime it for the outro or fade..... but all in all it's pretty superlative - and sounding great.