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Hi I am kitting out a new studio is Aus and was wondering if anyone has any amazing advice about IO

I am thinking about getting

HD I/O 16x16 Analog
The ideal choice for music productions—get the maximum complement of analog inputs and outputs (can be customized by replacing a card, but not expanded).

  • High-quality analog I/O:
    • 16 analog inputs (using DB25)
    • 16 analog outputs (using DB25)

  • Additional digital I/O:
    • 2 channels of AES/EBU I/O (supports 192 kHz single-wire)
    • 2 channels of S/PDIF I/O
    • 8 channels of ADAT I/O (supports S/MUX II and IV)

I will ideally have about 32 channels of audio available.

I havent used the Pro Tools stuff before and was wondering if anyone has any better suggestions for shifting 32 channels of audio simulataneously... It would be best if the data can be accessed via a PC interface also.

So basically a two part question :confused:-

a) do I need two IO units - Ill go check it out myself just wondered if there were any PT gurus on here

and b) should I be thinking about another solution?

Many thanks for you thoughts.

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TheJackAttack Tue, 08/23/2011 - 16:59

PT is just on the cusp of the new Thunderbolt light technology. If I were going to go that route I would wait another season for the new products. If you are a PT believer that is.

If you are not, then there are options from RME and Pyramix that are every bit as good depending on your particular workflow and creative style. Many of these options can be bitten off in chunks and is perhaps more flexible. A PT-HD is sort of inflexible in that manner though perfectly usable.


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