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Suggestions for new mic tests on Youtube

I've been thinking about useful reviews for my Youtube channel, and the stats show that people like comparisons with counterfeit or just plain and simple dirt cheap mics, up against the usual branded products. Years ago, I played the cello, and just laid my hands on one for the first time in 40 years.

Recording upright piano (mic / pre-amp suggestions)


Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. I have read quite a bit but want to keep it simple. I'm looking to purchase a pair of mics to record my upright piano in my living room. The living room has a fairly low ceiling and doesn't sound great, but ok. A engineer friend of mine suggested a pair of Neumann KM 184's. After some reading I feel like these might be too bright/harsh?

need song arrangement suggestions

Hi gang...
This is Terry Fairfax's latest; ( although I had a hand in the writing as well).
My question is related to arrangement in three specific areas. This is not a mix; the lead vocal is a rough cue vocal, and there are still a few solos and embellishment tracks to drop in, so I'm nowhere near ready to mix yet.

Seeking Suggestions on our EP

Hey everyone!
We are new to and are seeking advice about our music. We take any criticism on our music but please do bare in mind that this is our first real attempt at live recording and our room set up is still in the works. Below is the link to our Soundcloud page. Thanks for your time.


Mixing suggestions - Out Of The Blue

Hello recordists! This is my first post, I appreciate having a place to get objective advice about audio.

This song was written by the singer. I arranged and recorded everything, now I'm ready for the brutal honesty part of the process.


Thanks for listening.