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How do you get Vibrato to work with my TC Helicon Voice Works?

Thank you.

John D. Occhipinti


pcrecord Thu, 08/31/2017 - 05:05

TC Helicon Voice Works is a bit dated, I couldn't remember if it had the fonctionnality. So I downloaded the manual (what you should have done)
Here is the text explaining the fonctionnality :
VIB Vibrato Style. A list of Vibrato styles based on the analysis of real singers.
VIB AMT Vibrato amount. The depth of vibrato applied to the voice.

You can set it to always act or follow a mod wheel :
VIB CONTROL Vibrato Control sets whether vibrato follows the onset and attack of the model (Boost) or is instantaneous (Manual). The Mod Wheel on most keyboards controls the vibrato in both modes, boosting the preset value in the Boost setting and starting from a value of 0 in the Manual setting for full manual control.

And you can control it via midi. Here are the the values :