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Harmony, Correction and Effects for the Stage and Studio.

The VoiceWorks from TC-Helicon is a vocal harmony, pitch correction and effects processor, designed for live and recording situations where superior vocals are a must. Instruments such as violins can also benefit from the unit to generate related parts that sound as if they were originally played by a viola or cello.

The signal path of the unit includes a studio-quality microphone preamp, transparent pitch correction, manual and automatic pitch-shifting, as well as TC Electronic compression/gate, EQ, delay and reverb. VoiceWorks also has the ability to generate multi-voice harmonies and automatic double-tracking, while HarmonyHold can freeze the backing harmonies allowing the lead vocal to sing over them.

The unit provides 100 user presets and allows for complete MIDI control over all parameters.

Four-part harmony generator and pitch correction processor with dynamics, EQ and reverb
Includes high quality microphone preamp with 48V phantom power
Four distinct harmony modes - Scale, Chord, Shift and MIDI Notes
Lead vocal thickening with one voice above and one voice below
Humanization of harmony voices utilizing FlexTime, Vibrato, Inflection, Pitch randomization and Portamento
Scale-based Pitch Correction for studio and live performance
Fully adjustable gender and voicing per voice
TC Electronic 3-band EQ plus low cut filter, compressor/gate and reverb/tap-tempo delay
Song Mode for live performance allows for saving internal "sequences" of up to fifty songs with thirty user presets per song
MIDI CC control over all parameters


Ever tried a harmonizer? TC Helicon VoiceWorks

I dug this unit out today - and the video is a walkthrough of the different preset programmes. Some are useful, some just plain strange! I can see the solo singer in a bar maybe? You have to work hard to create your own pile of songs through!

Connecting TC Helicon VoiceWorks to preamp

i stopped by guitar center today to ask them how to set up my tc helicon and this is what they've told me;

use a 1/4 cable wire and connect that from the line input of the tc helicon into the line input of the preamp. connect a dual 1/4 cable wire into the balanced outputs (LEFT/Right) of the tc helicon and into the PreSonus firebox audio interface 3 / 4.